Be a Successful Player in the Game Of Life



ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge (THInK) is proud to announce a new course titled “The Game of Life” to be added as a ThetaHealing® course of THInK.

This new 3-day course was designed based on real-life success cases and gives an opportunity to remove specific limiting beliefs and instil hundreds of feelings to achieve greater success in life and business. Vianna has partnered with Hiro in an endeavour to unite spirituality and business, and this seminar is one of the first products from the effort, available through THInK.

[themify_col grid=”2-1 first”]Topics include and be prepared to go deep, where you have not gone before:

  • Belief work – Practical Approach with new angles
  • Free yourself from parent obligations
  • Release traumas, shock, further oaths and vows, contracts, promises from your cellular memory
  • Get accepted by society
  • Handle peer pressure
  • Receive infinite abundance
  • Step into your own power and be comfortable with it.
  • Grow your business as you wish
  • Get ready to succeed
  • Get excited
  • Visioning and Manifestation


[themify_col grid=”2-1″]Hiroyuki Miyazaki (a.k.a. Hiro) is the representative of Japan ThetaHealing. In two years of his tenure, Japan ThetaHealing achieved 900% growth in the organization and increased public recognition through various advertisements, bringing ThetaHealing as one of the most popular healing modalities in Japan. Before ThetaHealing, Hiro worked in financial industry for 17 years, demonstrated his strength of managing large projects in multi-cultural environment. Back in those days, Hiro discovered that business performance is largely affected by people’s limiting beliefs, where he succeeded in achieving major performance increase through application of ThetaHealing. Hiro strongly believes that anyone can improve business performance by ThetaHealing technique.[/themify_col]. He and Vianna Stibal put this life changing seminar together.


“The Game of Life Course was such an incredible eye opener to the depths we go to create disharmony in our lives. I found the content prepared for the downloads to be so bravely honest and simple, yet so profound and rich in content. It gave so much opportunity to trigger and release belief systems that I had no idea were running in my subconscious in regards to family, society and personal history with self-worth, status and money – just to name a few of many topics.

“I literally feel physically lighter with so many thoughts released from my mind that must have been weighing me down previously.

“Thank you Hetty, Vianna and Hiro! I am so grateful for the 3 years you have condensed to a 3 day workshop to release so many layers of dross.

“I am looking forward to seeing the changes appear on the outside to match how different I feel on the inside with these important areas of life.”
~ Sarah Ralph Gold Coast – April 2014